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November 16, 2009 - POSTING OF NEW POLICY

Dressing rooms have been monitored based on division requirements as a team has identified a need.  We would like this to be a universal policy within Red Lake Minor Hockey.

Effective Immediately:

All dressing rooms must be monitored by 2 adults (who have speak out) while players are occupying the dressing rooms.  This can be done from outside the dressing room door, with the door kept partially open.
It is the responsibility of each team's staff (coaches, trainers, GM's & Convenors) to identify who will be monitoring their dressing room & ensure this is being followed.


  1. Minimum of hockey pants, footwear and a shoulder covering T-Shirt is to be worn outside of the change rooms at all times.
  2. Starting in the PeeWee Division & higher:  GIRLS must change in the designated girls dressing room.  Girls & Boys on the same team will then be able to join each other in one designated change room after the entire room has dressed (15 min. prior to ice time) and coaches are present.  Both BOYS & GIRLS must be dressed & ready 15 min. prior to ice time to enable the TEAM to meet in one room before game time.  Teams are not required to join into one dressing room on practice nights, unless coaches request.
  3. Trainer will be available "on the bench" during all practice and game times.  It is the responsibility of Coaches & Convenors to enforce this policy.
  4. Change to existing policy:  A player incurring 3 penalties of any kind in one game will be ejected for the remainder of that game.  Existing policy only covered stick infractions.